"It's more fun to do buisness with Scandinavians!" 

                                                                                         Martin Kössler, chairman of the board

When Martin Kössler says it, it must be true. His non-stop energy and enthusiasm make it hard not to belive every word he says. Martin is the driving force behind S.O.G. (Scandinavian Outdoor Group)- a non/profit mamber organization for leading Scandinavian outdoor companies that develop, market and export, high quality outdoor products. Member companies must demonstrate financial stability, hight brand image, product quality and service level. When Light My Fire qualified and was approvied as a member in the fall of 2006, we were honored.

The purpose of S.O.G. is to make it easier for each individual member to be more successful in export business and brand positioning than they would be on their own. S.O.G. coordinates and supervises member initiated activities at trade shows, retail education, events and media. Their Scandinavian Village has become a modern classic at outdoor trade shows.

The organization is also committes to conservation and preserving outdoor traditions and respect for nature. The organization features such prominent outdoor brands as Bergans, Craft, Dale of Norway, Ecco, Fjällräven, Haglöfs, Halti, Helsport, Hestra, Hilleberg, Icebug, Klättermusen, Exel, Nanok, Norröna, Optimus, Primus, Reima, Scandinavian Touch, Seger, Silva, Tenson, Tentipi, Trangia, Woolpower, Viking, 66º North, Lundhags, to mention a few!

Check out, www.scandinavianoutdoors.com for further information.