The SeatPad

Solving nature's seating problems   



Light My Fire’s new SeatPad is a simple solution to a number of annoying little problems such as hard, cold, warm, wet and slippery. Made of stretchable waterrepellant neoprene, our SeatPad insulates against both hot and cold while providing a comfortable non-slip seat from mountaintop to park bench, from camping trip to concert, from school outing to changing a flat. Includes rubber cord and hook for folding and easy hanging.

  • Stretchable neoprene – insulates against both hot and cold
  • 100% water-repellant – just shake it and water runs off
  • Floats
  • Sharkskin for maximum anti-slip properties
  • Keep beverages cold or warm protects fragile items when packing
  • Great as a potholder
  • Design by Joachim Nordwall, J Nordwall Design