The Good, The Bad and The Grandpa...
Innovation turns a piece of wire into an ingenious outdoor accessory

Swedish outdoor company Light My Fire has released a product that aims to change the way we roast things over an open fire. The invention is a stainless steel wire ingeniously bent to grip the end of a stick and hold hot dogs, marshmallows, fish or meat over the fire.

”The device was originally invented by a man on a hiking trip with his grandson,” explains Calill Odqvist, President of Light My Fire. ”The grandfather took a length of wire and shaped it into the most versatile holder we've ever seen. When the grandson showed us the original design, we knew instantly that we just had to add it to our assortment.”

Grandpa’s Firefork, as the product has been named, uses the natural spring-like qualities of stainless steel wire to grip the end of any stick. The two tips firmly hold practically anything one would want to grill over an open flame – from single marshmallows to an entire fish, from corn on the cob to steak and hot dogs. And as it attaches to any stick, there is no need to cut fresh branches, making it environmentally-friendly. Grandpa’s Firefork can also be used as a fire-poker, as a multipurpose clamp, a flag holder and dozens of other uses that require attachment of some kind. Grandpa’s Firefork comes with a distinctively Light My Fire triangular plastic safety cap for easy and secure storage.

”This product fits our product profile perfectly,” says Caill Odqvist. ”Like everything else we sell, it has the quality and rugged design that make it as practical on a mountain top as it is at the neighborhood barbecue.”

”When I look at Grandpa’s Firefork, I can’t help but think of another classic wire invention: the paper clip...”

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