Small Swedish company on the way to international success.

The “Spork” is a knife, spoon and fork combined in a single, one-piece utensil. Designed by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall, the Spork is a simple elegant design that is both practical and undeniably sexy. Now, it has caught on around the world with sales reaching a million in a little over a year.

Think plastic...
In the classic film, The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s character is given a simple piece of advice: ”One word, son: plastic. Think about it.”
When Light My Fire wanted to add to its line of fire-making accessories they decided to redesign the age-old, and timelessly ugly, mess kit. They thought plastic. They enlisted the services of designer Joachim Nordwall, with experience from Honda, Electrolux and the legendary sports car, the Koenigsegg. The result was a kit that was awarded Nolia’s design award for 2005 and nominated for the Swedish Design year prize in 2006.
The MealKit included a Spork, a deceptively simple, yet elegant and practical all-in-one utensil. When the orders came in they were for both the MealKit and for the Spork as a separate product.

From backpack to briefcase
Today, the Spork is sold in thousands of stores around the world (outdoor shops, design stores, even a number of famous design museums). From January 2007, it will be featured at all 2,700 Wall Mart stores in the US and at all Blacks and all Millets, two UK outdoor chains with a total of 800 outlets. In November 2006, sales topped one million.

The Spork is made of a heat-resistant PC material that is light, dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. Not only can the Spork be bent over 90 degrees without breaking, it also comes in pink...and a dozen other designer colours such as green, grey, red, orange, black, white, clear, blue, yellow and grey.
“When we made the Spork,” explains Calill Odqvist, Light My Fire CEO, “we wanted it to be as much of a must-have for an urban dweller as for a serious outdoorsman...or woman. The Spork is meant to be as practical in a backpack or a boat as in a picnic basket, lunchbox, purse or briefcase.”
“Not surprisingly, we sell almost as many Sporks in designer outlets as we do in outdoor and sporting goods stores.”

About Light My Fire
Light My Fire was founded in Sweden in 2000 to market FireSteel and other fire-making products. The products gradually caught on and the line was expanded with a high quality, plastic meal kit by Swedish designer Joachim Nordwall. The kit included a combined fork, spoon and knife utensil called a “Spork” which became a highly popular product around the world. Today, Light My Fire’s products are distributed in over 20 countries and are available in chains such as REI, LL Bean, Campmore and Wal-Mart in the US and Cotswold, Black’s and Millets in the UK. The company’s products are known for their quality, style and innovation and have been taken to heart by both the backyard picnicker and the backwoods survivalist.

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